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Made Professional Mirror Window Tint in USA – Mirror Window Films

Imagine getting all the comforts of privacy, glare control and insulation from a single product!  Now imagine the possibility of home energy savings that could also make this your best home investment and it’s made in the USA.

Welcome to the Solarfilm Company,  the original DIY window film website. Here you will find professional quality, clean looking home and office window tinting films, one-way mirror window films and impact resistant security window films. Our American made films are different than the cheaper brands of imported films sold at home improvement stores and other discount sources. Our premium quality window tinting films are the best quality made in USA brands, the same scratch resistant 1.5 mil polyester films that professional window film installers use on professional projects. This higher grade of metalized window tinting film is normally not available to the public but we provide it to you with our user friendly DIY window tinting instructions and our renowned personal service.

Over the past twenty-five years we have supplied thousands of satisfied homeowners and businesses as well as government agencys and public and private institutions. We kindly welcome you to explore this website and request some free samples and you can see for yourself.

We know you will be delighted with our products, not only because of the health and economic benefits to you, but also consider your home’s remarkable new secure comfort that will enhance your family’s new pleasant quality of life !

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Tinted Window Shades

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Tint Film

The most important step in installing your own residential window films is to start with professional film.

Mirror Film
One-way or "two-way", these mirror films are called both, where one side has a mirror and the other side can see.

Security Film
Made to prevent smash and grab, these thick scratch resistant laminated polyester films are virtually impenetrable.

Roller Shades
Our quality, custom made Transparent Roller Shades provide privacy as well as heat, glare and UV control.